Loom – The Word of the Month for February 2022

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To loom: to take shape, to appear on the horizon; to be imminent.

Ex:Storm clouds loom on the horizon. Let’s move this orgy indoors.

(A) looming (deadline): An upcoming (deadline)

Looming in the news

The looming threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine became a sad reality this month.

While jets and missiles still loom on the Ukrainian skyline, solidarity mixes with complaints of a looming gas price increase.

Rhymes with “Loom”

Zoom: Good for pre-war planning sesh with oligarchs working from home.

Boom: A sudden increase of something (tech boom, baby boom); or the sound that a bomb makes. Let’s focus on the babies.

Bloom: A flowering plant. Stick them into a gun as a poetic protest. Less effective than anti-tank rockets.

Looming events

Monday: The worst. Often comes after Sunday.

Tax day: Relax, this pays for essentials like debt and missiles.

WWIII: Sorry, no jokes looming.

Is it weird to miss COVID?

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