The Word of the Month book launch on 24th October 2022

TBR BOOK, the publishing arm of CALEC, Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education and Communities, a non-profit organization focused on promoting multilingualism alongside Gymglish, specialist in online language courses, are pleased to announce the launch of The Word of the Month book.

The Word of the Month: 10 years of news, 262 pages

Release October 2022
Format 8,5 x 11
262 pages
Available on /

Published monthly since 2010, the Word of the month is a short, irreverent focus on English terms in the headlines. The format combines original artwork along with words, definitions, examples and expressions from members of Gymglish’s creative team. Each monthly piece is translated into French, German and Spanish, though the goal is to entertain and inform the reader with accessible, practical and modern English.

The Word of the Month allows its readers to (re)discover words in the headlines over the past decade. From Whistle to Womb, Soul to Record, 126 words are explored and examined with humor and irony.

The Word of the Month book was created in collaboration between Gymglish and CALEC, a non-profit  promoting bilingual education in New York. The book is the brainchild of Fabrice Jaumont, who has supported Gymglish and the Word of the Month for nearly a decade.

“To take pleasure in learning a language, to play with words and to see them collide in various contexts, illustrated according to current events and sometimes in a striking way. The shock of words, the weight of the drawings! A successful challenge for the authors of Word of the Month,” adds Fabrice Jaumont, author, researcher and founder of TBR Books.

“After years of making up silly stories for Gymglish’s language courses, it was nice to work with more absurd material – current events and their media coverage. 10 years is a nice time capsule to reflect on what’s changed and what’s stayed the same, both in the world and in our heads.“, says Andrew Arnon, lead author of Gymglish’s creative content.

About the publisher

TBR Books is the publishing arm of the Center for the Advancement of Languages, Education and Communities (CALEC), a non-profit organization based in Paris and New York. They publish researchers and practitioners who seek to engage diverse communities on topics related to education, languages, cultural history, and social initiatives. They aim to support multilingual families and educators seeking to expand language programs and advance cross-cultural understanding in their school communities.

About the authors

ANDREW ARNON. The lead author of Gymglish’s creative content since 2004 and native of San Francisco, Andrew joined the Gymglish team in Paris as a freelancer after teaching English in South Korea. He has a degree in Language Arts and Creative Writing from the Johnston Center of Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands. Andrew is the main author of the Word of the Month, contributing words and ideas.

BENJAMIN LEVY. Co-founder of Gymglish, and entrepreneur by trade, Ben started the company in 2004 with Antoine Brenner. They had one reasonable goal in mind: to have fun daily. Armed with an engineering degree he rarely uses, Ben graduated from the H.E.C Entrepreneurs program where he first met Antoine. Benjamin is the main editor of the Word of the Month, and contributes words and ideas.

JIM SHEPPARD. With a background in TEFL teaching and originally from England, Jim joined Gymglish in 2007, initially writing scripts and pedagogical material, then broadening his scope to include illustration, animation, song and music composition and video editing. He is also a music composer with a bachelor’s degree in Music and Music Technology from York University and a Master of Music degree in Composing for Film and Television from the London College of Music and Media. Jim is the principal illustrator behind the cartoons of the Word of the Month, and contributes words and ideas.

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