No more correction and extra vocabulary emails 👋

When it comes to protecting our planet, every step toward cleaner practices counts!

🌿 In compliance with our Greenglish project – which aims to develop sustainable company measures to fight against climate change – we have decided to stop sending additional correction and extra vocabulary emails (if these emails have already been viewed via your original lesson).

What does this change imply?

Not much! The majority of Gymglish users view their correction and vocabulary requests immediately after answering their daily lesson via the links within the lesson, rather than going to their email inbox to check them. Emails sent to our user’s inbox have a very low open rate.

As of this week, you’ll no longer receive your usual correction and extra vocabulary emails, but don’t worry about missing them! The emails will be sent in the event that you don’t view corrections or requests 2 minutes after having completed your lesson.

Here is a reminder on how to access your correction two different ways:

  • After answering the questions in your daily lesson, you’ll come across the following page: 
  • Click the “View your correction” button to access it when you’re ready.
  • You can also access your corrections and vocabulary requests directly from the main page of your User Space at any time:

Thanks to this update, you can bid farewell to your clogged-up inbox – at least the Gymglish-related emails. Together we’ll reduce our respective carbon footprints and we can feel slightly better about things for one brief, fleeting moment. Teamwork makes the dream work! Thanks for your understanding.

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