Gymglish: Key features for HR managers

Gymglish creates fun, personalized online language courses: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and more. Our goal is our learners’ motivation, participation and progress.

Explore some of the key features of our online language lessons below.

Personalized lessons using Artificial Intelligence

To consolidate acquired knowledge, our learning method takes into account the natural tendency to forget things over time. For long-term memorization, we design an optimized revision schedule for each learner.

Our AI software instantly provides each learner with a personalized correction, highlighting their mistakes and future needs. The following lessons will be designed taking into account their previous answers and expectations. Gymglish will use their areas of difficulty to develop a customized lesson plan to fit their needs. One of the keys to learning success lies in the frequency that information is reviewed.

Reviewing certain points at specific intervals stimulates memory and ensures that content is retained in the long run. Thanks to this approach, learners can retain much more information in the same amount of time compared to conventional methods. Depending on each individual’s learning speed and capacity to remember, the engine will define different intervals for reviewing specific points. This optimizes long-term memorization and makes sure revision is as effective as possible.

Continuous learning progress

Face-to-face courses and Gymglish offer complementary added values. Studies highlight that each learner has a short-term potential level, which is often significantly superior to their actual level. Such a level would be relatively easy to attain by practicing the language.

Gymglish – used without any complementary training—presents a slower curve of progression than in-person courses. Efforts are limited to 10 to 15 minutes of training on a daily basis in order not to compromise long-term motivation. When taking in-person courses, the learner quickly reaches their short-term potential level, then continues to make progress. The curve below highlights Gymglish’s main added value: strengthening acquired knowledge over time.

Face-to-face courses are very effective, but they are considerably more expensive than online courses. Learners often only attend a couple of weeks of training per year. While face-to-face courses are ideal for making short-term progress, learners will see a rapid decline in their level once they stop their training if they don’t practice regularly.

By using the Blended Learning method (a combination of face-to-face courses and Gymglish lessons), learners can consolidate the acquired knowledge and progress they have made while making strides conversationally with a teacher.

Motivation through storytelling and humor

Gymglish’s original and cultural content serves a specific purpose: to make our learners laugh while they learn. Our humor is intended to pique curiosity and make users want to come back for a new lesson the next day. Thanks to funny stories and quirky characters, content is more easily retained.

Assessing needs through a pilot phase

HR managers can invite an unlimited number of employees to a free one-month pilot trial. At the end of the 4-week period, licenses will automatically expire and HR managers will receive a report including employees’ participation rate as well as their answers to our satisfaction survey. This way, HR managers can decide whether Gymglish is the right choice for their employees.

Pro account features

The Pro Account space provides HR managers with all the quantitative and qualitative data they need to assess the effectiveness of the lessons: an overview of the course, participation rates, learning progress, etc. Thanks to the Pro Account, HR managers can reassign licenses and terminate a subscription easily at any time.

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