LAME – The Word of the Month for November 2020

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Lame: crippled, hobbled, not walking correctly.
Also: (slang): weak, pitiful; not cool.

A lame duck (politician): An outgoing politician, in the final days of power before a replacement takes office. 

Lame in the news

This month, the United States elected a new president, leaving “you know who” as a lame duck.

As protocol dictates, the duck has refused to acknowledge defeat, and keeps quacking about cheating.

Pretty lame, right? 

Lame expressions

A lamebrained (idea): a foolish idea. Ex: My app is like AirBnB for pigeons.

A lame joke: a corny joke. Ex: Why do seagulls live by the sea? Because if they lived by the bay they’d be bagels!

A lame excuse: a poor excuse. Ex. The election was rigged. I WON BY A LOT. 

Last acts for lame ducks

Photocopy your butt and leave it on the new guy’s desk.

Insult the queen of Denmark.

Anyone for golf?

So long, lame duck. Good luck to the lucky duck that replaces you. 

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