Gymglish’s Guide to the 2020 US elections

Today, focus on: Runoff.

Definition: A second round of voting to determine a winner among two candidates who didn’t receive a majority of votes during the first round.

Unbiased opinions:

Lefty says: “Hopefully we won’t need a runoff in November. Just remember to vote. It’s on my list, right here with buying organic avocados and some new sandals.

Righty says: “If there is a runoff, we’ll do like we did in 2000 and 2016: ignore Democratic votes to obtain the result we want. We’re getting pretty good at this.”

About our (fictive) correspondents:

Arthur ‘Lefty’ Treehugger, Founder, Ponchos Illustrated. Born and raised on a pumpkin collective in rural Vermont, Arthur Treehugger grew up in the warm glow of free love, improvised guitar circles and herbal remedies. Arthur’s true passion is Ponchos, and his self-published e-magazine magazine is the number two poncho and raincoat magazine in the US, with a daily circulation of nearly 300. 

Politically, Arthur is the definition of liberal;  a true ‘bleeding heart’. Arthur is left-handed, left-brained and only turns left at stop signs.

Walton ‘Righty’ Carmichael Jr, Editor, Death & Taxes Quarterly. Deep in the heart of Georgia, land of peaches and voter suppression, the Carmichael Family has raised 7 seven generations of true American Patriots, culminating with Walton Jr. He abides by the guiding principles of family, fishing, freedom and God. His self-published e-magazine, “Death and Taxes” presents a libertarian view on today’s world.

A libertarian-leaning conservative, Walton identifies with the right wing of today’s GOP and would very much like to make and/or keep America great.

Pendant toute la période électorale américaine, les cours d’anglais en ligne Gymglish vont revisiter les terminologies des élections. Nos deux correspondants Arthur ‘Lefty’ Treehugger (Founder, Ponchos Illustrated) et Walton ‘Righty’ Carmichael Jr. (Editor, Death & Taxes Quarterly) vont apporter leur point de vue biaisé et subjectif sur chacun des termes abordés. Voici le quatrième ‘focus’ de cette rubrique : Runoff.

Dans une course à la présidentielle, ‘Runoff’ permet de désigner le second tour d’une élection afin de départager deux candidats n’ayant pas reçu la majorité lors du premier tour.

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