BAKE – The Word of the Month for May 2020

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To bake: to cook food in an oven, like bread or cakes.

A baker: person who makes bread in a bakery.

Baking news

This month, while scientists race to find a cure for Covid-19, the world focused on their own antidote: baking.

The results: brownies, cookies, tarts, and some pioneering research on muffins. 

Bake expressions

Half-baked: Badly conceived or poorly developed. This plan to reopen the country seems half-baked.

A baker’s dozen: 13. Bakers sometimes add an extra cake. Unlucky for those on a diet.

Baked beans: Haricot beans cooked in tomato sauce. Britain’s gift to world cuisine.

Know your baking terms

Dough: Mix of flour and water needed for bread. Also slang for “money”. At least the bread-based economy is thriving.

Yeast: Fungus causing bread to rise. Who knew a fungus would help combat a virus?

Loaf (plural: loaves): A unit of bread, sometimes sliced. As John Lennon said: “All you need is loaves”.

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