User stories – Coralie and Dieneba

This week, check out what Coralie and Dieneba think of Gymglish, our online English course.

Coralie L. (London, UNITED KINGDOM)

I discovered Gymglish a couple of years ago via my university. It was mandatory to use it on a daily basis. As a good student, I was not happy to do it at first. After a few tries, I started to enjoy it and it became really fun. I was learning English and I was enjoying it. I’ve worked in the UK for one year now and I am still using Gymglish to improve my English. In the morning when I arrive in the office, I have a cup of coffee (sorry I mean tea) and do my daily lesson.

Dieneba D. (Bamako, MALI)

Hi everybody. Gymglish is a great opportunity for me to use English as a daily language. I use English as a third language and this is a good platform for me to practice this lovely language. I just came back from a 6 week trip in the USA and I improved my grammar and vocabulary there. Now Gymglish is helping me improve more and more. I hope to make some friends here.

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