User stories – Gérard, Stéphanie and Henrique

This week, check out what our users think of Frantastique, our online French course.

Gerard N. (London, UNITED KINGDOM)

I have been using Frantastique for several months now and it has really kept me motivated and helped me progress in learning French. The email each day encourages me to practice each day and the instant feedback is really impressive. The daily exercise is long enough to be useful but short enough to fit in easily with life’s demands. I like the way the system monitors performance so that you can see your progression.

Stéphanie U. (Stockholm, SWEDEN)

Frantastique really helped me before my trip to Belgium. I am still using the service and enjoying it! My French is better now: MERCI FRANTASTIQUE! 🙂

Henrique P. (Coimbra, PORTUGAL)

I took the free 1-month trial and was convinced to subscribe to the Frantastique. The program is rigorous, consistent, well organized and adapts in real time to our evolution and difficulties, and doesn’t give up on reviewing our weak points. I can not finish without mentioning the great sense of humor with which the stories are constructed, which makes the classes really funny. I have not stopped advising my friends to give a 2nd chance to their French using Frantastique!

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