User stories – Celia and Paul

This week, find out what Celia and Paul think of Frantastique, our online French course.

Celia O. (Lima, PERU)

Since the moment I started using Frantastique, it has become a very important part of my daily routine. I would like the lessons to be a little longer because I feel I am improving my French at a very slow pace. I enjoyed that final part with French music or some important French movies. I love Frantastique and I would recommend to all people interested in mastering the French language.

Paul K. (London, UNITED KINGDOM)

I was never taught foreign languages at school, and even English grammar was a struggle for me. I have been learning French at the Institute Français in South Kensington for the past 18 months, following a wonderful adventure of spending a month at a French language school in Antibes. I am now at level B2 there and I still struggle, but after having joined Fantastique in the past couple of months I have already noticed an improvement in my confidence in the class. I enjoy the Fantastique lessons and I do not feel ‘alone’ when doing them. It is an enjoyable ‘escapade’ during the day (often with a coffee) in one hand and I love the character of Gerard Therrien. The animation is a great means to keep my attention, as I love the culture of Bandes Dessinés in France. My goal with all this is to be able to speak well enough to join a very special and unique archaeological project in France – Guedelon – as a volunteer.

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