User stories – Anastasia, Lisbeth and Charles

Gymglish user stories

This week, Anastasia, Lisbeth and Charles share their Gymglish experience.

Anastasia G. (Moscow, RUSSIA)

I have started using Gymglish within the framework of my university education, which was mandatory for me. I never expected it would be so interesting. Every day I wake up wondering what kind of a story I’m about to read, and tests I’m about to do! In my country, we start learning English in primary school, but unfortunately many people end up knowing just a couple of phrases. In cases like these, Gymglish could be a great solution. It’s also good for those who work, don’t have much time, have troubles with time management or simply lack of motivation. In brief, I’m thankful for having such a beautiful opportunity to learn English using this app, and wish the whole Gymglish team luck!

Lisbeth R. (Bordeaux, FRANCE)

I chose Gymglish because it’s really very funny . Even in overbooked days this appointment takes me to a good moment that I enjoy very much and I hardly forget. I usual do it when I wake up, in bed drinking a good coffee . It has become a part of my daily routine. I’m not making enough progress because I should review grammar and vocabulary better.

Charles R. (Bordeaux, FRANCE)

Gymglish user stories

I’m medical doctor who started Gymglish 2 years ago because I needed to improve my English before going to London for a fellowship. I found a new way to learn English, stories were very funny and the lessons’ length and frequency perfect for my busy schedule. Quickly it became part of my mornings when taking my coffee! Gymglish is funny, fast, and for me has been very efficient. I recommend it to all my friends. Furthermore, it’s not too expensive! Special thanks to all the Gymglish team!

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