User stories – David, Elisabeth and Fabrice

Gymglish user stories

This week, David, Elisabeth and Fabrice share their Gymglish experience.

David P. (Paris, FRANCE)

When I started my daily Gymglish lessons I immediately understood that it would be simple for me to be steady, because not only did I choose the fields of the lessons, but I had a very good time. The more I met the characters of the Delavigne corporation, the more I appreciated them. I have enjoyed listening to the conversations of this professional and funny team since my first meeting with Bruno, Horatio, Susan and the others. To be concise: I improve my English skills while I have fun.

Elisabeth M. (Reims, FRANCE)

Gymglish user story

Every day after breakfast, I enjoy doing my Gymglish lesson. I am never bored with them: the members of the team are very sympathetic. I think I have improved both oral and written understanding. I still have to progress in my oral expression. Two of my friends have begun and are satisfied with the program.

Fabrice V. (Rome, ITALY)

Gymglish user story

I’ve always studied English on my own since finishing high school. Unfortunately, in Italy, more favor given to the teaching of British-American literature rather than to speaking skills. Anyway, after the trial week with Gymglish, I thought it could be a good help to my training. Even though I know that the best way to learn fluent English is probably living for awhile in a foreign place where English is spoken, I think that Gymglish is a good way to keep yourself trained daily. I like that it tries to be funny and diverse to avoid annoying the learner and that it tries to personalize lessons.

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