User stories – Christine, Felipe and Annie

Today, meet Christine, Felipe and Annie: Gymglish plays an prominent role in their each of their daily lives.

French user Christine is now up to her 500th lesson in the run-up of her TOEIC exam and can’t seem to get enough of Bruno Delavigne, whilst Felipe from Brazil shares his breakfast with our daily lessons and is now able to watch movies and read books in English. As for Annie, she has significantly improved her listening and reading comprehension and has even created her own training blog all the way from Reunion Island!

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Christine L. (Reilly, FRANCE)

I look forward to receiving my Gymglish lesson each day: it’s my break between two meetings. I’ve done more than 500 lessons! The fictional radio station, ‘Radio rhubarb’ really makes me laugh! It also helped me to prepare the TOEIC test. I convinced several colleagues to join the club and we used to have fun at the coffee machine comparing our stories and scores of the day. And I still wonder if Bruno Delavigne is single (I love his voice so much)…

Felipe A. (Brasília, BRAZIL)

In the very beginning, I decided to subscribe to Gymglish lesson in order to complement my classroom activities. But now I must say that Gymglish is indeed the main tool I use to improve my English skills. Every day, before I start work, I take some time to exercise my English in a delightful way. Not only the regular lessons but also the Funky Friday and the Word of the Month are so funny that they always make me happy for the whole day. Now, after less than a year of intense workouts, I’m already able to watch movies without subtitles, read some books and even talk more confidently. All in English of course! Thanks to Gymglish.

Annie D. (Sainte-Clotilde, REUNION)

When I started Gymglish, I just wanted to have better comprehension and expression, so it would be easier for me to understand British and American TV shows in their original version, even if I still need English subtitles. And thanks to Gymglish’s audio sketches – which are really good and funny – it worked. It is easier and easier for me to understand what I can see on the telly. My grammar level has considerably improved too. And if I liked to watch stories and read stories, I thought more and more about writing a story myself. This is a work in progress today. The story is written, but I needed someone to help me to correct my mistakes. It is one thing to be good at some grammar exercises; it is another thing to write good text. So I created my training blog which can be seen here. The story is in 3 parts. Today, chapters 1 to 7 have been reviewed and the others will be, I hope, between end of July and mid August this year. I started this blog 3 months after my first subscription to Gymglish. It was a real adventure, and it still is. Because the English version is not finished yet, and it is like a second life has been given to this story. I hope one day, when the work will be completed, native speakers will come and read it. That would be fantastic!

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