TOLL: The Word of the Month for November 2018

Toll word of the month november 2018


A toll: money paid to use a road or bridge.

A death toll: the number of deaths caused by a war or disaster.

To toll: to sound a bell.

Tolls in the News

On November 11th, the bells tolled to mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice ending World War I. 

The bells tolled, but no one “lolled”. With a death tollof 17 million people, it’s going to be a while until we can joke about this one.

Don’t confuse “toll” with:

Troll. Folkloric creature. Hides in caves, under bridges, or behind computer screens. 

Stroll. A short walk. No toll currently, but the government is working on it. 

Roll. Small loaf of bread. Goes well with butter, but so does everything.

Wars that took a toll

Napoleonic Wars: 7M deaths. 5 feet of megalomania is surprisingly efficient. 

Mongol Conquests: 30-40M. Genghis says: “Yes we Khan!” 

WWII: 85M. WTF? 

WWIII: (???) World leaders, please, let’s not find out!

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