STAB: The Word of the Month for September 2018

Stab word of the month september 2018


To stab: to pierce or wound with a knife or sharp object.

A stab wound: injury caused by a sharp object.

Stabbing in the News

This month, far right Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed during a political rally.

The notoriously pro-gun candidate may now consider an anti-knife platform.

Since the stabbing, he leads in the polls. Rivals may have to take a bullet to compete.

Things to stab with

Dagger: Note to Brutus – Ideal for “Operation Caesar”. 

Sword: Perfect gift for the kids. 

Spear: The mammoth hunter’s choice. 

Lance: In every knight’s carry-on baggage. 

Gun: How Americans stab each other.

Pointed expressions

To take a stab (at doing something): to attempt, to try.
Ex: I took a stab at running for president, then someone stabbed me.

To stab in the back: to betray.
True friends stab you in the front” -Oscar Wilde. Bolsonaro’s new motto if he wins the election.

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