KICK: The Word of the Month for June 2018

kick word of the month june 2018


To kick: to strike with the foot.
Ex: The Karate Kid kicks very well.

To kick off: to begin or start.

Kicks in the News

This month, the world cup of football kicked off in Russia. The most democratic sport awarded to the most democratic nation…

Meanwhile, at the US-Mexico border, immigrants are kicked out, but not before children are separated from their parents. Human compassion is alive and kicking.

Kick off your World Cup party

To kick-start: to energize. Let’s kick-start this party with some nachos and magic mushrooms.

To kick in: to take effect. It’s harder to follow the match with these mushrooms kicking in.

To kick out: to expel. Speaking of football, why was Russia kicked out of the G8? Oh yeah, they annexed Crimea.

Expressions to kick around

A kick in the teeth: a humiliation or disappointment. Did Mexico and Korea eliminate Germany? What a kick in the teeth.

To get one’s kicks: to feel excitement. If you get your kicks watching football or racial discrimination, this is the month for you.

To kick the bucket: to die. Wait, don’t do it! Not until you’ve tried the nachos, friend.

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