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See what our users (mostly human) have to say about Gymglish and Frantastique.

Work. Love. A sudden, unexplained need to start a new life and identity in a different country. There are plenty of reasons to learn a new language.

Find out why our users decided to do it with Gymglish and Frantastique.

What Gymglish users say

Gymglish helps me practice English as I don’t use it any more in my job and my everyday life. (Also, it’s a kind of break during the day at work!) I find the dialogues really amusing and “anti-conformist” (especially those with Warbuckle, Donna and Horatio). I’m a big fan of the methods you guys use to help me understand clearly and easily.

Soukaina, Morocco

When I started Gymglish, I found it hard to use the correct tense in my daily communication but now I am way more comfortable. My listening skills have received a good boost, too, as well as my ability to construct better emails and memos. I’m really happy I signed up — thank you, Gymglish!

Stanley, Nigeria

Their method is fun, intelligent, playful, with high-level, relevant content. I use it on a daily basis in order to become more fluent, more professional, and less shy. It is the only online method that has worked for me so far! The instant corrections are accurate, and so helpful — you really understand your errors. This amazing method definitely encourages you to learn more.

Patricia, Brazil

I need to use English both at work and at home. At the beginning, I only wanted to increase my vocabulary and review my grammar, but with Gymglish I found a real universe full of characters and living in a quite real, funny world. It’s a real pleasure to go to my lessons each day and discover a new story.”  

Eric, France

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What Frantastique users say

Before Frantastique, I often felt lazy leaving my comfort zone to converse with the French people, and stuck with my English-speaking group of friends. I discovered Frantastique at just the right time! Not only have I raised my level from B1 to B2 in six months, I’ve also been motivated to dig deep into French movies, songs and history, which I really enjoy!

Esra, Turkey

Since starting a few months ago I feel more confident about my skills. Every day during lunch, I dedicate 15 minutes to this amazing program. It gives me the right push to keep going forward. I learn new words and grammar (WHICH I NEED), and love the original content, it’s funny, concise and useful. I’m past my 100th lesson I can’t imagine life without it.

Jean Mitchell, Dominican Republic

I’m retired, Scottish (and European — very important to emphasise that these days!). I’m enjoying Frantastique very much, and can’t wait to see what Gérard, Victor and the others get up to next. My French has improved a lot since I began, and I particularly like that we’re often given colloquial French (even slang) that one doesn’t get in a conventional class, far less at school.

David, UK

I had spent a year in Paris, and I achieved a “boulangerie” level of French. I was afraid that I would forget the beautiful language over time since I no longer live there, so I signed up for Frantastique and hoped to learn ‘petit à petit’. Each day I receive a funny story about Victor Hugo (or his friends). The exercises only take me about 5 minutes a day, and they are both HELPFUL and FUN!

Tianyang, China

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