The Unofficial Story of Gymglish

Ten unforgettable years at Gymglish

The final chapter(s)

Not one, not two, but THREE chapters to wrap up the story behind how Gymglish was born…

Part nine: languages

In accordance with the Geneva conventions, English was declared ‘obsolete’ in 2012. Gymglish quickly turned its attention to the alleged language of the future: French. Oui, oui, c’est vrai. Once the laughter dissipated, a new product was born — Frantastique (a classic story of aliens unfreezing Victor Hugo). After 8 years of messing around on an English training market that clearly had no potential, Gymglish was now ready to absorb the avalanche of French learners on the horizon.

Part ten: parties

As far back as we can remember, which isn’t very far, Gymglish has made it a priority to throw an annual party. After starting with a guest list of mainly clients, partners, friends and family, our most recent parties have featured police, firemen and paramedics, only 5 of whom were on duty.

Part eleven: future

In summary: we send emails, we hate giraffes, and apparently French is the future. Thanks for your continued support… we continue to be both surprised and delighted by it! Merci.

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