BOLT: The Word of the Month August 2016

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To bolt: to move or run away suddenly.
A bolt: A flash of lightning.

Also: (verb) to lock securely; (noun) a metal thing like a screw, but not a screw.

Ex: When I saw the bolt hit the nuclear power plant, I bolted.

Bolts in the news

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt bolted his way to 3 Olympic Gold medals in Rio this month.

As a world record holder in the 100m and 200m races, Bolt has taught Americans more about the metric system than schools.

Nuts & bolts

Lightning bolt: Flash of electricity from the sky. Handmade in Greece by Zeus.

Dead Bolt: Jamaica’s worst nightmare. Also a strong lock.

Crossbow bolt: Arrow for crossbows. Perfect for a medieval siege on the Olympic village.

What’s faster than Usain Bolt?

Cheetahs. But just barely. Besides, we’re still awaiting their blood results.

Summer. Time flies. One minute you’re on the beach drinking beer, the next you’re at your desk… drinking beer.

The news cycle. Remember floods in New Orleans, coups in Turkey, and Pokemon Go? Neither do we. Enjoy this news for a couple of days before we bolt to another topic.

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