IMPEACH: The Word of the Month May 2016

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To impeach: to call into question, to accuse; to charge a public official with a crime or misconduct.

Example: The president was impeached due to his controversial policy on peaches.

Impeachment in the News

This month, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was suspended following impeachment charges brought in 2015.

Impeachment, Zika virus, unemployment, inflation, protests. Brazilians are still smiling, but slightly less than usual.

The ‘Unimpeachables’

Vladimir Putin: Corruption, cronyism, censorship, military “training” abroad, tax fraud, bad breath.

Silvio Berlusconi: Extortion, child sexual abuse, mafia collusion, embezzlement, money laundering, bribery, bad wig.

Queen Elizabeth II: Untouched by scandal for over 60 years. Off with her head!

Impeachment Alternatives

Stage a coup: A time-honored tradition in many countries.

Elect a new leader. Sometimes corruption just needs a fresh face.

Don’t vote for crooked politicians in the first place. But who to vote for then?

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