LEAP: The Word of the Month February 2016

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To leap (verb): to jump a long distance or great height.

A leap (noun): a long or impressive jump.

Ex: Look before you leap. On Earth, gravity applies.

Note: don’t confuse leap with leak — those are for toilets and government agencies.

Leaps in the News

With 29 days in February 2016, we have ourselves a leap year, also called a bisextile year.

Feb 29th 2016 is also a Monday, so leap yourself to work, my friend.

Why are Leap Years? A short quiz

A. To keep the Gregorian calendar in sync with Earth’s rotation.

B. To add an extra winter day, our favorite season.

C. To punish March for being so damn pretentious.

Famous Leapers

Kangaroos: Surprisingly good at making pancakes too.

Frogs: Who knew the French were good at sports?

Crickets: Excellent source of protein.

Neil Armstrong: Famously proclaimed, “One small step for man, one giant leap for your calendar.”

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