CHEAT: The Word of the Month October 2015

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To cheat (verb): To gain an advantage unfairly; to be unfaithful in a relationship.

Example: He cheated at Monopoly, so I cheated on him with a banker.

Cheating in the news

Volkswagen, the people’s car, admitted that their engines are designed to cheat emissions tests, creating pollution, scandal and possible bankruptcy.

Silver lining: no more troubles explaining to the police the weird smoke emerging from your VW van .

Classic cheats

Cheat on an exam. School is the best place to learn that life is unfair.

Cheat at cards. Always have an ace (or 5) up your sleeve.

Cheat on your lover. Acceptable only in Utah and France.

Famous cheaters

Bill Clinton. According to the leader of the free world, blow jobs don’t count.

Ben Johnson (sprinter on steroids). The pride of Canada… for about a month.

People say ‘cheaters never prosper’. Volkswagen says ‘it’s ugly but it gets you there’.

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