SHED: The Word of the Month January 2015

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To shed (verb): to spill, to come off, to lose.

Shed (noun): A small cabin. Ideal for hiding when the world goes insane.

Shedding in January 2015

Bloodshed: Terrorism in Paris, massacres in Nigeria, wars everywhere — humans excel at this type of shedding.

Watershed Moment: A historic moment, like commemorating one tragedy (while ignoring others).

Things to shed

Shed Clothes: “I do not want to see your bum, but I will defend your right to get naked”- Voltaire

Shed Light: To illuminate a subject. Did you know that 10/10 murders end in death?

Shed Tears: What makes us human. That and our capacity for violence.

Things NOT to shed

Shed Hair: Not fun. Try losing your virginity instead.

Shed Skin: What are you, a snake? Oh you are? Carry on then.

Shed Blood: All this killing in the name of _______ (Insert motive here).

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