CHEMISTRY: The Word of the Month September 2013

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Chemistry (noun): The science of matter, aka the science of change, aka the central science.

Also: A feeling or rapport between people.
Ex: The chemistry between Obama and Putin has never been better.

Chemistry in the News

Following the use of chemical weapons in Syria, western powers are debating war/ intervention.

For the US, this would be the 3rd war/ intervention in 10 years, breaking their record for wars per decade.

Know your evil gasses

Tear Gas: Invades eyes, causing pain and crying. Perfect for riots or emotionless boyfriends.

Mustard Gas: A World War I innovation. Causes burns in lungs and skin. Pleasant garlic aroma though.

Nerve Gas: Causes convulsions, nervous system failure and asphyxiation. No joke to be made.

Elemental Knowledge

In the US, a chemist is a scientist with a white coat and safety goggles.

In the UK, a chemist sells you aspirin and condoms (a pharmacist).

The ‘ch’ in ‘chemistry’ makes a ‘k’ sound, like kill, not chill. Incidentally, we should chill, not kill.

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