GAY: The Word of the Month May 2012

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Gay (adjective): Happy, cheerful, content or carefree.

Gay (noun & adjective): Homosexual.

A Gay Month Of May

US president Barack Obama announces support for legal gay marriage.

North Carolina passes a law banning gay marriage. As you can see, Americans are all on the same page.

Gay Notes

Gay Day is an official holiday in exactly 0 countries.

In open-minded places, Gay Marriage is sometimes called ‘marriage’.

Gay Terminology (Use at your own risk):

Unacceptable: Poof, Ponce, Fruit, Fairy, Faggot, Queer, Queen, Homo, Flamer, Pillow Biter, Ass Pirate, Rug Muncher, Dyke, etc.

Acceptable: Gay.

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