Compilation // Best Of GymGlish User Comments #2

Voici le deuxième post de cette série.

RAPPEL: Nous avons décidé de vous faire profiter de certains retours des utilisateurs GymGlish: message de remerciement, problème de grammaire anglaise, de vocabulaire, de couple parfois, insultes, réflexions personnelles, … Nous lisons avec attention tous les retours et répondons à chaque demande! Si (en toute transparence!) nous rions parfois, ces feedbacks sont très précieux et ont largement contribué au développement du produit.

Bonne lecture!

– This lesson is strong

– Am so happy learn gymglish because i want to immigrate to usa so i need your help please bye

– Within 2 lessons (number 2 and 3) and 3 grammar exercices, I have got 3 exercices about toilets matters. Do you ave any specific problems with toilets ? Shall I adress you to a psychiatrist ? Or would you prefer a psychoanalyst ? This kind ob obsession about toilets can be healed nowadays. I don’t mind playing the part of a psychoanalyst of yours, but it won’t improve my english a lot, I am afraid. Plesae try to diversifiy your subjects. Or I let you know the amont of my fees. I am here to improve my english on public budget. (…)

– IcannotMakeAnySpace.IputFigureOut.AndShelwesBecauseIhaweNo”w”

– It’s very difficult for me to open all the e-mails because I,m tired most of the days. Working, childring, and wifeing make life very complicated and with no time to myself. However I,m sure that my wife would tell you the same if she could.Best regards.

– To sleepy to do anything correct

– A well placed krill reference to be sure. Best crustacean related question ever.

– Do you have Ms Susan Bliss’ phone number? 🙂


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