A nice comment, a nice response: TORTOISE Vs TURTLE

Nous recevons quelquefois des questions surprenantes de la part de nos utilisateurs surtout lorsque l’on sait qu’elles sont destinées à un organisme de formation professionnelle, aka GymGlish! En voici un exemple avec (en prime!) la réponse de notre équipe pédagogique!

“Please — Can you tell me what is the difference beetween TORTOISE and TURTLE ? Have a nice day.”

Voici notre réponse:

“ Hello Mr. Testutide* — Thanks for your question. The tortoise is a cousin to the turtle: both reptiles have a hard carapace which protects them both from predators and environmental hazards. The primary difference between the two animals is that the tortoise lives on land, making occasional trips to the water, whereas the turtle lives predominantly in water (both fresh and salt water). It is common for people to mistakenly call both animals ‘turtles’, however there is a real difference between them. The giant tortoises of the Galapagos islands are mentioned in this lesson. These creatures were studied by Darwin and provided information for his theory of natural selection. You can find more information on tortoises here.

I hope this information helps!”

* Par souci d’anonymat, le nom de l’utilisateur a été volontairement changé.


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