mercredi 9 septembre 2009

Grippe H1N1 et IP: info de dernière minute

Bonne nouvelle! La communauté scientifique est unanime : le virus H1N1 n'est pas contagieux par voie IP, et ne passe les lignes ADSL. Vous pouvez continuer votre gymnastique de l'anglais sans crainte.

* Internet Protocol

3 commentaires:

  1. But surely this must depend on the physical layer used. Consider the combination H5N1 (AKA "bird flu") and using IP over RFC 2549 ("IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service") which seems to have already been implemented in parts of the world:

  2. I totally agree about the fact that the flu can be propaged by IP. However I don't think gymenglish supports 'yet' the RFC 2549 on its servers!

    Perhaps the team can tell us if they use (in P2P) this protocol ? Do they have 'baby pigeons' which send lessons and receive answers of these users?

    As I can't wait more than 5 minutes my answers and certainly because I live too far from gym-english (I live in Nantes), I will still prefer an ADSL connection!

  3. Bonjour,

    Pour ceux que cela intéresse, j'ai créé un site qui rassemble tous les symptomes de la grippe et ses différents remèdes.

    N'hésitez pas à aller faire un tour :

    Belle journée,